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    Driveways Luton Ltd is a Family Run Driveway & Patios company based in Luton. We have an expert team available. We offer excellent Block Paving, Patios, Tarmac, Resin, Landscaping services, and much more to clients in the local area. Most of our work comes from recommendations, this shows the level of trust our customers have in us.

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    Block paving

    Enhance the look and character of your home with Luton Driveways & Patios. We are your locally based well established company specializing in installing great looking block paved driveways. Our aim is to offer our customers 100% satisfaction in the work we do and leave a lasting impression both in terms of quality and budget.

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    Patio, paths and steps are an important outdoor features of your home, so it is only natural you would want it to be perfect. After all, this is the area you plan to use for outdoor entertaining, dining, or recreational activities so there are requirements that must be met. Besides the area being functional with attractive visual features, a patio may also be used to create a drainage system for the yard, diverting water away from other buildings or elements.

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    Tarmac is generally considered to be the cheapest method of laying a hard surface. But it’s a time-consuming job which requires specialist tools, machinery and, not least, knowledge. This means that it only becomes the cheapest method once the driveway is up to a suitable size, where the economies of scale kick in. Once laid Tarmac driveways can look very pretty and can last you years with less maintain..

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    Resin Drive

    Resin Bond is a relative new concept in driveways and it is rapidly becoming very popular in the industry. Resin bonded driveways is layed with small stones fixed with high tech resin to form a firm surface. It created many small games between the stones to allow water to drain in to ground easily.

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    Should you have a unique design in mind or need help with an idea, we can provide services that will turn your design into reality. We ensure that all our plants, flowers, shrubs, and trees are sourced ethically and supplied and planted by our expert landscape gardeners and plantsmen.

    Welcome To Driveway Luton

    Driveways luton are a specialist Driveways And Patios company. Whether you require  Block Paving, patios installation, or repair and maintenance, we offer a range of options to suit your budget.

    Whether you’re looking to extend your Block Paving or change to a different style & design, Driveways Luton Ltd can help. We specialize in all Block Paving, Patios, Tarmac, Resin Drives and Landscaping.

    Whatever your requirements and no matter the size of the project we can guarantee the same attention to detail and customer service. Just contact our friendly team on 01582 803621 to discuss your project.

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    • Improve the character of your home
    • Add value to your property
    • High quality material used
    • Work fully insured and guaranteed for many years
    • Complete customer satisfaction
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     we specialise in all varieties of Block Paving and Patios. We offer free and friendly, no-obligation quotes as well as the benefits of our expertise and advice on materials, design and any other issues such as drainage and pricing.


    All of the work carried out by our team of Block Paving expert. We are fully guaranteed, meaning you can have complete peace of mind. This includes all forms and types of Block Paving, both domestic and commercial.


    We specialize in all varieties of Block Paving and Patios. We offer free and friendly, no-obligation quotes as well as the benefits of our expertise and advice on materials, design and any other issues such as drainage and pricing.

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    Driveways Luton & Patios provide free initial surveys and estimates. Please feel free to get in touch to discuss your project with our friendly team.

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